Author of the Jack Chastain / National Park Mysteries

Public Trust, the first of the Jack Chastain mysteries by J.M. Mitchell

"In Public Trust, J.M. Mitchell brings a richness to the wilderness mystery that's not to be missed. Fire starts the novel and it burns fast and furious, but pales to the political firestorm that becomes a battle for nature herself."  

- Nevada Barr, New York Times bestselling author.

"Have you ever read a piece of fiction where the dilemmas that the main character faces are so familiar and real that you think you are reading non-fiction?  That’s the way I felt when reading Public Trust.  This is a good read..."

-Ranger: The Journal of the Association of National Park Rangers


Cover for The Height of Secrecy by J.M. Mitchell

The Height of Secrecy

"An engaging mystery with strong characters and a wonderfully authentic  setting in the Southwest. Keep your eye on this nascent series."

-Southwest Writers, judges for the Colorado Authors' League Writing Award. 2015 Award for Mainstream Fiction.

"Loved it. A mystery with strength and realism. Mitchell's background leads to a blended masterpiece of plot, setting and characters complete with insider authenticity. He's got a good series going."

- BETTY PALMER, Events Coordinator, Moby DIckens Bookshop, Taos, NM 

"What Grisham does for law and the courtroom drama, Mitchel does for national parks and the politics of land and preservation. His behind the scenes knowledge of the subculture creates a believable setting that blends seamlessly with the story."

-ISAAC MAYO, Developmental Editor

"...This was a fun read. The characters are believable, the rescue and fire scenes ring true, and Mitchell worked for the agency long enough that he knows how things can go bad..."

-RANGER: The Journal of the Association of National Park Rangers.

Cover for Public Trust by J.M. Mitchell

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Cover for Killing Godiva's Horse, by J.M. Mitchell

Killing Godiva's Horse

“... a good read, a pull-no-punches tale of the struggle with outsiders vs. residents, urban vs. rural, and traditional vs. modern. Mitchell gives as balanced a glimpse of the issues, the politics, and the spirit of the West and Kenya in this novel as one will find anywhere... He shows  how all sides will often find themselves in a different cut of the “emperor’s new clothes.”
- Mark Lehnertz, Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver