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Cover for The Height of Secrecy by J.M. Mitchell
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Author of the Jack Chastain / National Park Mysteries

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Cover for Public Trust by J.M. Mitchell

4th in the series

An archeologist disappears in New Mexico and Ranger Jack Chastain must find him, but the trail becomes clouded by lies and conspiracy theories intended to turn the world against him, and to keep him from—or lure him into—the search for gold hidden two hundred years before by a forgotten Spanish explorer. 

Once again, ranger Jack Chastain is on a quest for answers, in Migrations of Butterflies and Lies

In 1765, Capitan Juan Rivera and a company of men left Santa Fe with orders to find a route into what is now Colorado, to look for gold and silver. He made two trips, found a little silver, and was largely forgotten by history. Over 250 years later, a leather-bound journal is discovered. It claims Rivera wasn't so much forgotten as he had chosen to disappear. He had plans--plans disrupted by a Comanche raid, but not before Rivera hid gold near present day Piedras Coloradas National Park. In Mexico, a butterfly biologist is murdered. That same night, an archeologist is killed near the park. Nothing suggests the murders--hundreds of miles apart--are connected. They are.

"J.M. Mitchell has created a suspenseful tale that masterfully interweaves human greed and exploitation with the malicious harm being done to our natural world and to native cultural treasures." -Jerry Fabyanic, author of The Lion's Den