cover for The Height of Secrecy, national park mystery, by J.M. Mitchell

“...a pull-no-punches tale of the struggles between outsiders and residents, urban and rural, traditional and modern ... a good read.”

- Mark Lehnertz, Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver.

Cover for Killing Godiva's Horse, national park mystery, by J.M. Mitchell



Killing Godiva's Horse  is  the third of the national park mysteries by

author J.M. Mitchell. A mystery novel by Prairie Plum Press 

Cover and photo credits:

Killing Godiva's Horse: Cover Design: Ann Weinstock; Photo: Lynn Pomeranz.

The Height of Secrecy: Cover Design: Ann Weinstock; Photo: Bill Hatcher/National Geographic Creative.

Public Trust: Cover Design and Photo: JM Mitchell.

Cover for Public Trust, national park mystery, by J.M. Mitchell

prairie plum press

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Killing Godiva's Horse

A Murder, International and Political Intrigue, a National Monument Under Attack, and Possibly the Most Timely Novel of the Year.

Ranger Jack Chastain returns. Drawn into battle by a man trying to start a western lands rebellion, Jack is sent to Kenya to hide until the storm passes and finish the research of a scientist killed by rhino poachers. While there, he hears something shocking, a campfire revelation that pitches Jack into a dangerous investigation of a ruthless rhino horn buyer. But Jack’s life in New Mexico unravels, forcing him to disobey orders and return home, and onto a raft, trapped between warring politicos and an angry river.

A National Park Mystery.  ISBN: 978-0-9852272-7-2.  $16.95

SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE: For every copy of Killing Godiva's Horse sold between April 10 and 30, a donation will be  made to the Center for Protected Area Management, Colorado State University, and its crowdfunding campaing to bring several promising young women conservationists to their summer course. 

Public Trust

The story of our times. Common ground, or no rules and all's fair?

In the original of the national park mysteries by J.M. Mitchell, Ranger Jack Chastain returns to the canyons of New Mexico after fighting wildfires and steps into a political firestorm. He wants to run, but a beautiful woman makes him take a stand. When mysterious provocations pit neighbor against neighbor, a battle between 'self interest' and 'do the right thing' ensues, trapping Chastain between people who face hard truths about who they can trust, and a fire that can change everything.

A national park mystery. ISBN: 978-0-9852272-2-7; $14.95 paperback; $24.95 hardcover.

“...a fun read ... Mitchell knows how things can go bad.”

- Ranger Magazine.

Author of the Jack Chastain / National Park Mysteries

The Height of Secrecy

Colorado Author’s League 2015 Award for Mainstream Fiction

High on a treacherous canyon wall, a man from the pueblo clings to a ledge. Furiously working to rescue him, Ranger Jack Chastain is nearly killed. Now he wants answers and the man refuses to talk. Chastain learns the secret revolves around a death sixteen years before, and now much more is at stake.

A National Park Mystery.  ISBN: 978-0-9852272-5-8. $14.95.

Distributed by Applewood Books,Carlisle, MA;

“Loved it. A masterpiece of plot, setting and characters, complete with insider authenticity.”

- Betty Palmer, op.cit. books, Taos.